How a Pediatric Therapist Can Help Your Child


Parents find themselves asking:

My child is not starting school, but how do I know they are doing what they should be doing?

My child is 9 months, should they be crawling?

My child’s 1, how many words should they be saying?

My child’s 15 months, when it is past “normal” for them to start walking?

Is it ok that my 2 ½ year old still uses both hands to color with?”

Who has these answers?

Often we turn to our pediatrician as the expert. They are experts in children’s health. Their specialty is to answer questions regarding illnesses, vaccinations, and emergencies.

Pediatric therapists are experts in child development. We are trained in identifying the developmental milestones children should be meeting. We are skilled at looking at:

  • How a child is speaking and understanding
  • How a child moves around their environment
  • Your child’s fine motor for coloring, writing and feeding self
  • Your child’s memory and learning concepts
  • Your child’s independence

We have solutions and resources for families. We offer free screenings, which help families navigate the next step for their child. Parents may contact our office to schedule a short 15-minute appointment.

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