As They Grow: Get Rid of Sippy Cups

Get rid of sippy cups…are you kidding?

A sippy cup is usually the first cup parents use to transition their child off the bottle.  Don’t get me wrong, the thought of “no spills,” my child drinking early by herself, and the convenience of traveling with a cup is a dream come true.  That’s why sippy cups were invented and marketed to parents, not kids.

Why is the sippy cup so bad?  A spouted sippy cup is just a “hard bottle.”  By 12 months, a child should be drinking from a straw and open cup.  The straw can actually be introduced as early as 4-6 months, although some kids may not interested in drinking from it until 7-9 months

Read more.... Drinking from a straw or open cup promotes more mature swallow patterns, whereas an infant swallows (actually called“suckling”) by bringing their tongue forward to their gums.