Pediatric Interactions and WeeBits... Whats the difference??

What is Pediatric Interactions?

Pediatric Interactions is a private clinic that provides speech language and developmental therapy service for children with delays. They provide Early Intervention services for families with children who are between birth and 3 years old at families’ homes.  They also see children of all ages in their Grayslake and McHenry clinics.  Pediatric Interactions’ therapists strive to develop children’s communication skills in a supportive environment while using a combination of techniques and programs. Their comprehensive approach empowers families to connect and interact with their child in new and meaningful ways. Pediatric Interactions offers a variety of services, including; FREE developmental screenings, evaluations and treatment of articulation, fluency, language, cognitive, feeding, pragmatic, etc. delays, groups.

What is WeeBits?

WeeBits is a non-profit organization in Lake County, IL that offers FREE or low-cost enrichment classes and workshops for families with infants and toddlers. They work with families who want to improve their child’s success in the future, children who are “at-risk,” but may not qualify for other programs or services and expecting parents. Read More