April: Autism Awareness. Article on As They Grow: Conversations and Resources on Child Development

Parents don’t need to be reminded how much can change in 10 years……your newborn  is now in 5th grade, your 6 year old is now driving, your 8 year old is now graduating!!

Ten years ago, Autism affected 1 in 125 children and today it’s now 1 in 68 children. Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.   Autism is one of the fasted growing developmental disorders.  But the statistics indicate, approximately one-fifth of all infants born annually are at risk for developmental disabilities.   An additional 20-30% of each birth cohort will require special education services due to social or familial factors such as unresponsive or unstimulating environments.


Is there a cure for Autism?  What can I do?  

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When does a SLP start working with children?

 At birth.....WHY, they aren't talking yet?

  • Communication starts at birth
  • We work with feeding
  • We have certified infant massage teachers to help with bonding/engagement, regulation, and many issues like constipation and reflux

When should my child use a pacifier?

b. As an infant learns self-soothing
c At nap/bed time to help them fall asleep
d. To keep them quiet

------------------------Answer: B

  • OK for infants to suck to sooth
  • Children need to learn self regulation
  • Impacts oral motor skills for speech and feeding
  • May impact dentition and cause ear infections