Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP)

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP)

This course is designed to further the communication partners ability to implement the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning approach at different language stages and across environments. The language structure of the LAMP Words for Life language system and use of features to support language learning will be explored. Participants will receive some hands-on time and are encouraged to bring their own device (Accent or iPad with WFL). Discussion will include assessing current language level, setting goals for developmental progression, and analyzing data logging. The presenter will cover a variety of strategies and supports to support language development such as expanding vocabulary in natural environments, modeling, teaching the motor plan, and how to use aided language input. Videotaped sessions will be used for group discussion about strategies that work and common mistakes. Suggestions for language development in school settings will also be addressed.

Previous attendance at a 1 day or 1.5 day Center for AAC & Autism LAMP Workshop is required to register for this course.

Hosted by Pediatric Interactions

Course Location: Grayslake Heritage Center, 164 Hawley St, Grayslake, IL 60030

Cost: $99 (parent/student discounts available). 

Click here for more information and to register online through The Center for AAC and Autism.