Jill White, M.S., CCC-SLP/L



Jill grew up in Indiana and has lived in Washington, Louisiana, New York, California, and North Carolina since she met her husband and started raising her two sons. She has worked with a wide age range of clients in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation centers and private practice. Jill began her career at Indiana University and received her master’s degree at the University of Louisiana. Currently, Jill enjoys working primarily with the birth to three populations, as she believes strongly in the benefits of early intervention and incorporating strategies into daily routines. While Jill has participated in a variety of continuing education opportunities, she has taken special interest in learning more about the MNRI method, autism, oral-motor and feeding disorders. She enjoys developing and running a variety of groups at the clinic such as the caregiver-toddler music classes, early childhood/social language preschool groups. Jill enjoys spending her personal time reading, being outdoors, swimming, gardening and supporting local causes by running 5K and half marathons (after completing the Chicago Marathon).

Currently, Jill is the speech/language pathologist/leader of the Monkey Group and Music and Signing Class.

Jill White was awesome. 4/27/2012
We love Jill. She has been wonderful with my daughter Leah. Very attentive, caring and willing to go above and beyond for the sake or our daughters development. We could not be more pleased with her service. 4/27/2012
My son saw two different therapists Shana Diamond and Jill White. Both were beyond wonderful and help my son work through his speech delays. He has made tremendous progress and I cannot thank these ladies enough. 2/8/2017