Marni Steinfort, M.A., CCC-SLP/L


Marni always had passion for the health profession as a youth growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana. While working a candy striper on the orthopedic floor at a local hospital, she decided she wanted to be a physical therapist. While attending undergrad at Indiana University, little did she know that one class in college would change her mind and future. She received her master’s degree Communicative Disorders at The University of Memphis and was energized working with pediatrics by seeing the impact her profession has on children.

Marni is a wife and mother of 2 young children, who enjoys music, singing, reading and fitness activities including Zumba and Body Pump. The energy she gets from her hobbies pours over into enthusiasm and compassion when working with the children she services. Most of her extended family lives outside of Indianapolis.

At Pediatric Interactions, Marni appreciates the camaraderie of devoted therapists in a relaxed, fun-filled, and collaborative environment to reach a child's fullest potential. Marni has a vast interest within the field with training in MNRI ,IM, DIR/Floortime, and SCERTS.