Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

Pediatric Interactions is a specialized clinic, providing speech/language treatment.  We collaborate with other disciplines, specifically occupational and physical therapists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for the children we work with.  Therapists at Pediatric Interactions, Little Heroes Pediatric Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Links Pediatric Occupational Therapy regularly meet to discuss shared clients, participate in continuing education experiences and coordinate family's scheduling. In addition, most of our groups are multi-disciplinary and we do co-treatment sessions with the these disciplines.

We also work closely with many other physical and occupational therapists, and other disciplines, such as mental health providers, nutritionists, doctors, dentists, educational consultants, attorneys, advocates or other professionals. Please speak with your child's therapist to help direct you to a professionals that may be able to help your family. 

Early Intervention (EI)

Infants/toddlers from birth to 3 years of age may qualify for EI services.  Find out more information about this program.